"The story of our Maltipoo family began with our daughter's big dream."

From early childhood, our daughter dreamed of a dog. But, unfortunately, she was allergic and this did not allow us to have an animal in the house. We really wanted to realize our daughter's dream and set out to find a hypoallergenic breed. And now, after a long search, we learned about the Maltipoo breed ...

It was unconditional love from the first photo. We started looking for where it is possible to get this little miracle. However, it turned out that it is simply impossible to buy a puppy in Europe. Plus, in conversations with the breeders, we understood that after buying a puppy we would be left alone with all the puppy's worries.

The idea of creating the Maltipoo World club was born precisely on the unconditional love for the breed and on the desire to make the acquisition and adaptation of the puppy as easy and hassle-free as possible for all future owners. After all, acquiring a puppy is like giving birth to another child in a family, for which you need to be fully prepared ...

So in 2016, Maltipoo World appeared - a club that not only sells the most beautiful and healthy babies, but also a place that will never leave the owner alone with his worries about a new family member.

We saw the happy faces of people when they first picked up their fluffy friends.

This motivated us to grow and develop. For several years, we have selected the best pairs of parents, improved the protocols for the care and upbringing of the Maltipoo, created our own texts adapted for a novice dog breeder (the same ones that are now successfully used in the Russian-speaking Internet space).

In 2018, the love for the miniature, playful Yorkipoos, who stood out for their rich chocolate color with cute chocolate noses began.

Since 2021, the Cavapoo has been spreading more joy in the world. We have been asked about these breeds for a long time. But we always devote a lot of time to finding parents of pure blood, so that the babies have healthy genetics and a flawless exterior.

Today, we deal not only with Maltipoo, Yorkipoo and Cavapoo breeds, but also provide a full service for the preparation and maintenance of the puppies at your home. An important fact was the opening of a store in Moscow and Kiev, where we sell products that have been proven by our many years of experience @maltipoo_shop

We do not stand still, but evolve daily, we always keep up with the times and new trends. We improve ourselves every day and do not stop there. The Maltipoo World team today consists of dozens of professionals and fans of their craft.

Our puppies live in dozens of countries on 4 continents.

Owners of all decorative breeds around the world patronize the services of our store and goods for dogs.

Every day we receive letters of thanks and stories about new happiness in their homes. Each letter goes straight to our hearts and is the strongest motivation in our work ... the best profession in the world!

Thanks to everyone and everyone who chooses us.

Your happiness begins in Maltipoo World!

Our business principles

First-class care for puppies and parents

We take care of the health and mood of each pet. The team of veterinarians and cynologists pays maximum attention to the development and upbringing of puppies. You get a healthy, sociable and active puppy.

Ideal service for customers

We accompany you from the moment "I want a puppy" and forever. We take care of the whole procedure so that your meeting with your pet goes smoothly. We help to understand all questions connected with caring for a dog.

We create a space of like-minded people

Maltipoo is a breed that embodies charm, beauty and gentleness. It is chosen by unique, creative, interesting people. We organized a warm community for emotional communication and exchange of experiences. Join us!

We provide everything you may need

We have gathered a team of expertise, products and specialists that will give your pet a long, joyful life. And to you - peace of mind and comprehensive support.

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