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"We can't wait any longer! When can I take the puppy home?" - this is a question we regularly hear from future owners of puppies. We understand: these cuties fill the heart with love and tenderness; you want to take your pet home as soon as possible and introduce it to a new family.

The puppy is already on the doorstep of your house. How to provide a warm welcome and comfortable adaptation? Together with experts, we prepared an essential checklist.


Your puppy will come to you soon!

Be sure to read the instructions for the preparation and care of the puppy, which our manager will send.

A healthy puppy is a happy owner. For your pet to stay in good spirits and body, it is essential to follow the basic protocol of caring for his immunity: vaccination and regular anthelmintic. With the help of our veterinarians, we have prepared detailed instructions to make it easier for you to navigate this topic.

In any puppy, regardless of breed, the quarantine period lasts up to 12-13 weeks.

So, from the very beginning, we want to warn about the most common mistake of the owners of Maltipoo and Yorkipoo:

After the puppy arrives home, any owner will want to bathe it, especially if the dog came from another city, and even more so - from another country. We will tell you how to do it safely and with the least stress for your baby.

Sterilization or castration of the puppy generates many questions and doubts for a caring host. How will this affect the physical and mental well-being of the dog in the future? What are the risks? How is recovery after surgery?

The puppies of Maltipoo, Cavapoo, and Yorkipoo like to be the center of attention and quickly find common ground with humans and animals. The task of loving owners is to instill good manners in the pets and help them socialize gently.

So you have decided that your dog will walk on the street and get to know the world. For walks to be safe, comfortable and bring positive emotions, it is essential to prepare in advance.

We advise you to pay attention to four key points.

A well-groomed, healthy, and happy dog is a joy for the owner. But it isn't easy to rejoice when tears appear on the pet's face. And your experiences are not groundless: "weepy" eyes signal a problem. Let's understand the causes and methods of treatment of lacrimal ducts.

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