We don't standstill. We evolve, become better, break our records, and do everything to help the owners of our Maltipoo as much as possible.

By buying a puppy from us, you become a full member of the Maltipoo World Club, which provides you with professional support on any issues related to your pet throughout his life:

  • Assistance with the selection of specialists: veterinarians, groomers.
  • Tips and tricks for choosing food, accessories, and care products.
  • Recommendations for adaptation, training, establishing a relationship with the puppy.
  • Participation in the annual meetings of the club.

Enjoy your friendship with the charming Maltipoo, and we will take care of all worries for you!


Together with the puppy, you get a gold card from the "Maltipoo World" club, which provides special service conditions in a network of shops, grooming salons, hotels for dogs, and others.


Maltipoo World Club Meetings

That's how everything was friendly, emotional, and beautiful. Maltipoo World Alumni Meeting 2019

A meeting of the Maltipoo World club members took place in the Mayachok restaurant. The event attended owners of Maltipoo dogs with their four-legged pets. Guests were treated to a festive buffet, handing out club cards, many themed gifts, and professional recommendations of a dog trainer.

Cute dogs and their secular owners: meeting of the club "Maltipoo World"

Maltipoo is a favorite breed of Hollywood stars. It is not surprising because it is impossible to imagine a cute dog adored by both children and adults. There are many fans of this breed among the secular heroines, and they all found like-minded people in the "Maltipoo World" club, which gathered its furry graduates and their owners for a heartwarming celebration.

While the dogs played with each other, their families shared experiences and enjoyed casual communication. By the way, there was a fair at the event from Maltipoo Shop, where you could buy exclusive accessories for your four-legged friends. Meanwhile, the little guests organized an exhibition of artworks depicting their furry pets and made all sorts of crafts with their names.

For more than a year, the founder of the Maltipoo World Club, Katya Meitina, has been gathering friends from the community for a traditional meeting. Still, each subsequent event is never like the previous one because club members are constantly growing. Here they like to joke that Maltipoos appeared as a result of crossing a dog and a plush toy, which, to be honest, is not hard to believe. It is, as well as many other factors in the form of hypoallergenic, size, lack of laziness, and absolute convenience in care, contribute to the number of fans of this mixture of Maltese and toy poodle is increasing every year. Also, an essential fact in favor of the club is the availability of exclusive products from Maltipoo Shop. It is all spell why Maltipoo puppies are one of the most beautiful choices of dogs for today - say guests the club as part of a big party in the country restaurant "Mayachok".

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