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Professional kennel of Maltipoo, Cavapoo, Cockapoo, Yorkipoo

A tradition of perfect service and high professionalism since 2016

Welcome to the world of gentle, playful, charismatic, and friendly tails of Maltipoo, Yorkipoo, and Cavapoo breeds.

These companion dogs are ideal for families, children, and the soul. They have a luxurious exterior, 100% hypoallergenic fur, do not smell, and do not shed at all. They are always ready to generously give their love and devotion, to please with energy and optimism.

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We guarantee:

  • Extremely humane animal treatment

    Extremely humane animal treatment

    Dogs live in comfortable conditions without cages. Three daily walks in its territory. Mothers give birth on average once a year. All undergo regular examinations by a veterinarian.
  • Parents of our puppies from the best kennels in the world

    Parents of our puppies from the best kennels in the world

    Most of them are participants and prize-winners of international exhibitions. We carefully selected each puppy to produce the perfect offspring. We are the sole owners of all parents of our puppies.
  • Our pets are in excellent health conditions

    Our pets are in excellent health conditions

    Puppies eat only premium food. They are regularly vaccinated, undergo parasite prevention, and comprehensive health screening. We guarantee the exceptional health of the puppies and the absence of genetic diseases.


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    Everything you need to know about these four-legged friends and caring for them.

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    Dog goods and accessories store - Maltipoo Shop

    The best of everything and tested for your pets in one place. With years of experience, we know which accessories, feeds, and care products are best for your puppies.

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