The puppy is already on the doorstep of your house. How to provide a warm welcome and comfortable adaptation? Together with experts, we prepared an essential checklist.

Personal territory and place of feeding

Maltipoos like to spend time with their family but give them a separate area for general psychological comfort. Prepare a couch (size M) and a table with bowls. Teach your puppy to sleep separately from the first days.


The health of the puppy depends on the quality of food. The puppy should eat super-premium or holistic food: we recommend Monge Lamb and Rice for all ornamental breeds.

Up to 3.5 months, your puppy needs to eat constantly and little by little, so the bowl should always have dry food. You control only the daily intake. After 3.5 months, you can switch to 3-4 meals.

Pampering a puppy up to 4 months is not recommended; there is a risk of upsetting the puppy’s stomach. Later, you can occasionally treat the puppy to snack packs from Trixie, Canvit, 8in1.

It is better to give them still mineral water.


If your home has a staircase or space where wires are in the open - protect these areas from the puppy in advance.

Organize a temporary cozy corner with a bowl, couch, diaper, toys.


A breastband or a collar? The breast band is safer for the young spine of the puppy, and it is better to buy a lightweight leash made of nylon or tape.

A collar with protection against ticks and fleas will also come in handy, be sure to read a detailed article about it. A dog should wear it three days before going outside.


Warm and waterproof overalls and hoodies are a must-have for walks. You can choose the desired wardrobe of the puppy in a specialty store.

Good mood

Toys for nibbling and hugs. Teddy bear - a great comforter and protector against night terrors. Toys made of dense materials will be needed when your dog changes teeth.

We recommend stocking up on soft toys made of dense fabrics, rubber toys, and deer antlers for teeth.

Beauty and hygiene

For a shiny Maltipoo hair, you will need:

Shampoo and conditioner, we recommend professional cosmetics from Chris Christensen and Espree, as well as a slicker brush and comb.

You can bathe your pet no more than once every 10-14 days. Comb - every 2-3 days

Also, make an appointment with a groomer for a beauty and hygiene session in advance. Grooming sessions should be held once every 4-6 weeks.


Maltipoo and Yorkiepoo are pretty clean dogs, and they are easy to teach to defecate on the street. But at first, take 3-4 diapers (size 60x60 cm) and arrange them in different places. Gradually remove the diapers and leave only one. So the puppy will remember that there is a diaper in the house and will always be able to run to it after playing, and when he gets used to the new space - he will remember the place of his toilet.

We also recommend removing carpets in the first 2-3 weeks in the places where the puppy will most often be.


Make sure you have enough time to pay attention to your puppy and help him adapt to the new home.

And, of course, remember. You are not alone; you have a support team. If questions arise - write to us. Together we will resolve everything.


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