So, from the very beginning, we want to warn about the most common mistake of the owners of Maltipoo and Yorkipoo:


Why? The answer is simple: the effect of the drops decreases with each bath of the puppy. However, we usually bathe Maltipoo and Yorkipoo once every 7-10 days. Accordingly, after two baths, the tick will be able to bite your friend. Re-treatment with drops more often than indicated in the instructions is prohibited.

Our recommendations (you can purchase all products in Kyiv in our brand store):

✅ The Bayer flea and tick collar is ideal for puppies walking in the city

If you walk your dog in the woods - you need additional protection in the form of a spray against fleas and ticks (once before a walk).

✅ Bravecto - reliable protection against fleas and ticks for all puppies weighing more than 2 kg (give the tablet once every three months. The tablet is delicious, and usually dogs eat it as a delicacy).

✅ Simparica - protection against fleas and ticks for dogs weighing more than 1.3 kg. We recommend in cases where puppies have individual intolerance to the collar from fleas and ticks.

  • In no case should you use two drugs together: this way, you will overdose on the active substance.
  • It is better not to give the tablets on an empty stomach so that the dog does not get dizzy.
  • Be sure to write down the dates when you give the drug to avoid missing the next date.
  • No matter what country you live in and what time of year outside the window - protection should be year-round.

Take care of your dogs ❤️

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