In any puppy, regardless of breed, the quarantine period lasts up to 12-13 weeks.

During this period, it is necessary to observe the puppy:

  1. It is forbidden to walk on the street (it is possible to walk only with the puppy on hand or in a carrier such that the puppy does not touch the floor);
  2. Contact with outdoor shoes is prohibited;
  3. Care in grooming salons is forbidden;
  4. No contact with other adult animals who walk on the street.

Usually, the puppy relocates to the owner at the age of 9-10 weeks - this is the correct age for moving and adaptation.

But it also means that the puppy must be in QUARANTINE for three weeks.

Use this time for comfortable soft adaptation of the puppy to the new home: acquaintance with the house, with a new place for the diaper; you can teach the first commands "to me," "sit," "no." During the first three weeks, the puppy adapts to the new home and the owner, and you also get used to the puppy.

We do not recommend arranging a social life for the puppy immediately after moving: noisy restaurants, large crowds of people, and many movements can tire or scare the puppy. Also, do not forget that up to 4 months, a puppy's newborn regime is sleeping every 2-3 hours. It is important to remember this, especially in families with young children, where they want to play with the puppy all day without a break. A small dog needs rest, personal space, and sound sleep.

Proper diet, nutrition, and upbringing from an early age are the key to a strong psyche and a dog's obedience for life.


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