A well-groomed, healthy, and happy dog is a joy for the owner. But it isn't easy to rejoice when tears appear on the pet's face. And your experiences are not groundless: "weepy" eyes signal a problem. Let's understand the causes and methods of treatment of lacrimal ducts.

Top 6 causes that can cause tearing of the eyes:

1. Food allergy. Maltipoos often have allergies to food that contains chicken. Transfer the dog to a grain-free feed based on beef, lamb, or fish.

  1. Chaotic feeding. Frequent changes of food, delicacies from different manufacturers, food from the table, sweets - all this is harmful to the dog's health. Any new product can cause tearing and allergies, so avoid experiments.

Feed your Maltipoo only with tested food of one brand. When you want to pamper your pet with treats, first give a small piece and watch the reaction. If teary eyes do not occur, the dog feels good - excellent. This product is suitable for your beauty.

  1. Unsuitable utensils. To solve it: choose bowls for dogs from stainless steel.
  2. Poor quality water. It is better to give the dog mineral water without gas.
  3. Parasites. It is impossible to protect against them, so it is essential to deworm your dog at least once every three months regularly.
  4. Uncut hair around the eyes. Hairs can get into the eyes and irritate the mucous membranes, resulting in tear ducts. Regular hygienic grooming will eliminate this trouble forever.

The eyes also flow in the following cases:

  • Tooth change.
  • The eyes got an infection.
  • Illness or disease in dogs.
  • In girls before the heat period and during it.

It is better to consult a veterinarian and choose an individual solution in such a situation.

How to return a pet to a well-groomed appearance?

First of all, it is essential to eliminate the cause of the lacrimal ducts. At the same time, apply specific means to combat the lacrimal tracks.

Our experts tested the following options:

  1. Trixie wipes for daily use. They help maintain eye hygiene and are also ideal for express pet care on the go.
  2. Angels' Eyes® Plus food supplement (no antibiotic) -  reduces lacrimation and makes the tear transparent. Due to this, blemishes no longer form, and the newly grown hair under the eyes will be clean. Marks created before Angels' Eyes® Plus was applied will no longer be fueled by new bacteria and lighten over time. For dogs up to 7 kg - the dosage is 1/4 teaspoon per day.
  3. Eye Envy medicated lotion. Gently and effectively removes blemishes under the eyes and eliminates blemishes on the hair. Relieves inflammation when first used, but the ideal result is achieved within 1-4 weeks. It should be used daily in the first week until the tear marks disappear. For small amounts, use once a day. For extreme - 2 times a day. Visible results usually appear after 2-3 applications.

We know from experience that in most cases, it is enough to establish systemic care, balance the nutrition of the dog - and the tear ducts will no longer appear. We want your pet's eyes always to shine and not cry. Stay healthy!

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