After the puppy arrives home, any owner will want to bathe it, especially if the dog came from another city, and even more so - from another country. We will tell you how to do it safely and with the least stress for your baby.

  1. It is not necessary to bathe the puppy as soon as it arrives. Let the puppy settle a little; rest after the road. It is better to wash just the dirtiest places and clean with a towel if it is dirty. We advise you to thoroughly bathe your baby no earlier than three days after moving to a new home.
  2. The second essential rule that works all the life of the dog: you can not bathe seven days after vaccination, and it is a rule for both puppies and adult dogs.
  3. Carry out the first bath in a very calm atmosphere. Usually, children are very interested in watching the puppies bathe, and they want to be directly involved in the process. Explain to the child that he will clean his friend, but a little later and not at the first bathing of the puppy.

Try to be alone with the puppy, without loud noises, and keep calm. It is worth noting that puppies do not like to feel more than two hands on their body. So bathing "alone" in silence is the best thing you can offer your baby.

  1. For the puppy's paws not to slip - lay a terry towel in the sink or bath and bathe directly on it.
  2. The water temperature should be comfortable. Pour water on the puppy's head from your palm, distribute the shampoo evenly over the body, wash the area around the eyes with the index finger, soap the head with three fingers. Then gently wash off the shampoo; try not to get into the ears.

It is worth noting that the shampoo should be for puppies (Puppy mark). After shampooing, if desired, you can use a conditioner.

  1. After bathing, wrap the puppy in a towel, wipe the head, ears, and paws.
  2. After you unwrap the puppy from the towel, he will probably turn on the "crazy squirrel" mode. Don't be afraid! It is a normal condition of the dogs after bathing.
  3. We recommend drying with a hairdryer, but carefully. Get your puppy used to the hairdryer from an early age. Aim the hairdryer at yourself first and show that you are not in pain or scared. Be sure to check that the air is not too hot. 
  4. Alternate blow-drying and combing with a steel comb. Do not use a slicker brush for the puppy's delicate skin. 
  5. After bath procedures, be sure to praise the dog for obedience. 

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