Your puppy will come to you soon!

Be sure to read the instructions for the preparation and care of the puppy, which our manager will send.

The basic set of goods that every puppy should have - you can purchase all the goods described below from us in the store (Kyiv, we ship worldwide):

  • Couch 

  • Table for food and water 

  • Mobile pillow (it is very convenient to take in the car and office if you want to take the puppy with you)

  • Feed (from all holistic class feeds, we recommend Monge Lamb and Rice feed for all ornamental breeds)

  • Diapers (special training diapers that teach the puppy to "do things" in the right place. In addition, they retain odor and absorb large amounts of moisture)

  • Shampoo and conditioner for bathing (bathe the puppy once every 10/14 days)


  • A soft brush (do not use a slicker brush before 4-5 months, it is too hard for the puppy's delicate skin) and a steel comb (comb regularly once every three days from head to toe)

  • Toys (so that the puppy satisfies its nibbling needs, not on your slippers - it is better to buy him all sorts of toys made of different materials - rubber, rustlings of dense fabrics, and deer antlers)

  • Protection against fleas, ticks, and worms (be sure to read more about this in our separate article)

  • Care for eyes, ears, and teeth

  • Clothes for a puppy

  • Carrying case

You can buy all the products and receive full consultation in our Maltipoo Shop!


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