"We can't wait any longer! When can I take the puppy home?" - this is a question we regularly hear from future owners of puppies. We understand: these cuties fill the heart with love and tenderness; you want to take your pet home as soon as possible and introduce it to a new family.

We respect your feelings and always ask you to be patient and wait until the puppy is 8-9 weeks old.

Five reasons why our experts do not recommend picking up a dog at an early age

There is a misconception that it is better to take the puppy away from the mother when he is a month old, and he already knows how to eat and go to the toilet. The dog will get used to the owner faster, and it will be easier to adapt. In practice, the opposite is true.

  1. It is too early for puppies of the small breed to wean from their mother's milk at four weeks, which harms their health.
  2. The mother raises the puppies and teaches them the rules of behavior in the dog pack, such as obeying the elder in the hierarchy. Due to this, the baby will recognize the owner's authority as the leader of the pack.
  3. From three to seven weeks, the primary socialization of puppies takes place. They learn to behave like dogs - to wrestle, bark; master the body language of their relatives, postures, movements, sounds. Without this knowledge, dogs can have mental health problems.
  4. Our puppies receive primary vaccination and are under the supervision of veterinarians. So we can guarantee the sound health of the puppies. Also, our experts spend enough time with them to get used to people and quickly find common ground with them.
  5. We try to make the puppies of one offspring travel to new homes in one day. Then they do not spend time alone and do not look for their brothers and sisters. It provides puppies with psychological comfort, and it is easier for them to adapt to a new place.

When is it better to take a puppy?

The ideal age to move is 50-60 days. The first vaccinations have already been made; the puppy is socialized, relatively strong, and ready to get acquainted with a new life.

Up to 2 months, we form a solid physical and psychological foundation for puppies, so you get a healthy, tactile, and active dog. You will have many years ahead to have fun together and enjoy each other's company.

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