Charismatic and charming breed, which appeared not so long ago and has become popular not only in the United States but also gaining popularity in the CIS countries and Europe. These cuties are perfect for lovers of dogs of standard size and bright colors.

Characteristics of the Cavapoo breed

Cavapoo is a mix of spaniel and poodle.

The size of the breed in adulthood - closer to standard.

The weight of the Cavapoo will be on average 4-6 kg (rarely 3-4 kg or 6-7 kg).

The special feature of the breed is the ability to obtain a deep red color, often with white markers. Cavapoo can also be black and apricot.

Cavapoo hair grows constantly and does not shed (except for the period of transitioning from puppy to adult hair).

Average life expectancy - 12-15 years.

Cavapoo personality:

Like the Maltipoo, Cavapoos are insanely loving and friendly, ideal for both large families and young couples. Remember that the companion dog does not tolerate prolonged systemic loneliness. The gentle creatures love to be pampered and played with.

Get along well with children. These dogs are smart and energetic. Puppies need early socialization and are easy to groom and train.


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