Maltipoo is a cheerful plush miracle, a playful and affectionate companion who turns the host's life into a marathon of fun.

Maltipoos bred in the United States due to crossing a Maltese and a poodle. Maltipoo is a hypoallergenic breed because it does not have fur but hair.

Characteristics of the Maltipoo breed

Size: mini (2-4 kg) and standard (4-6 kg);

Color: all shades of apricot, peach, caramel, cream, as well as black and white;

Eyes: dark brown only;

Nose: black;

By type, the Maltipoo hair comes:

  • With smooth hair
  • With wavy hair
  • With curly hair

Maltipoo's hair is plushy and incomparable to the touch.

Average life expectancy: 12-15 years.

Maltipoo generation F1, F2: what's the difference?

Many people think it's size, but it's not.

Both the F1 Maltipoo and the F2 Maltipoo have mini and standard sizes.

And the prefix F1 and F2 indicate the generation of hybridization.

If you explain mathematically:

  • Maltipoo F1 = Maltese 50% + poodle 50%
  • Maltipoo F2 = Maltese 25% + poodle 75%

Here are some facts about the F2 Maltipoo:

  1. Maltipoo F2 is more like a poodle than Maltipoo F1.
  2. Maltipoo F2 has a stiffer and curly coat than F1.
  3. Maltipoo F2 has a more elongated figure than Maltipoo F1: longer legs and neck.
  4. The nature and care of the Maltipoo F2 are not fundamentally different from the Maltipoo F1.
  5. Maltipoo F2 is generally not suitable for people with dog allergies.
  6. The cost of a Maltipoo F2 puppy depends primarily on the parents (the better the parents, the more expensive the puppy) and the within-litter; the price may vary slightly depending on the exterior of the puppies.

The personality of the Maltipoo

These clever positivists love it when they get a lot of attention. They do not tolerate loneliness, so it is essential not to leave them alone all day.

They efficiently train and learn commands very quickly, so the owner will be comfortable in the company of these cuties, and it is pleasant to watch their interaction in society.

Maltipoos are non-conflicting, quickly get along with other animals. Their energy is enough to communicate with all your household members. In the small body of the Maltipoo is hidden the immense talent of a researcher, so they love walking on the street. They feel great when traveling, ready to accompany the host everywhere.

Maltipoos retain puppy playfulness and spontaneity throughout their life. They will not let anyone get bored and are ready to share their love with their family every minute generously.


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